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Qbiss One is a cost-effective modular façade system that offers a true alternative to conventional rainscreen, with many integrated benefits yet without compromising the aesthetics or performance.

Self-supporting, insulated and fire-proof, Qbiss One façade combines pure, minimalistic elements and architectural features presented as a complete technical solution.

Qbiss One modular facade system was developed in response to architectural and design demands; rounded corners, shadow of flush joints and a vast array of colour options extend possibilities and different assembly styles add a further dimension for those architects looking to expand to the limits the design envelope.

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Frame Frame

Ryerson Imaging Arts Building:

Shows our flat and corner Sadev Safco System mock up on the building and demolition stage started.

From January 2010 with progressive development.

Architects for the Ryerson Imaging Arts Building - Diamond Schmitt Architects

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